People testing negative for Covid-19 but showing symptoms sh
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Test results may come out negative even if one has contracted Covid-19, experts have warned, advising that those showing symptoms of the disease must be treated without waiting for a confirmatory test to prevent aggravation of the infection.

The general perception of the experts now is that a high degree of suspicion arising out of the clinical symptomatology. CT scan reports should be the guiding factor for treatment rather than relying only on the RT-PCR test which has a sensitivity of only 70 per cent, Dr Neeraj Gupta, a professor in the Department of Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine at the Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi, said.

The AIIMS' Resident Doctors' Association recently had written to the ICMR seeking formation of an expert committee for provision of professional enquiry for the unexpected, unexplained deaths during the pandemic.

A comprehensive diagnosis of Covid-19 verified by the expert committee involving clinical history, examination, imaging, biochemical, molecular testing and forensic investigations must be considered as a cause of death in absence of an alternative diagnosis so as to help the bereaved families of the frontline healthcare workers to get compensation, it said.

"This is to bring to your kind notice that many of the healthcare workers have lost their lives in the line with their duty in Covid-19 pandemic. As per the literature sensitivity of none of the tests performed for Covid-19 diagnosis is 100 per cent," the letter stated.

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