Personality types in individuals with type 1 and type 2 diab
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Type A personality is characterized by impatience, a need for personal fulfillment, career ambition and competitive drive. In addition, when faced with adversity, Type A personality is associated with problem-focused coping strategies in a very close way, together with conscientiousness, which is a personality dimension characterized by control, organization and assiduousness. Indeed, Type A personality was previously linked to conscientiousness in terms of the ‘goal-striving’ dimension, as a psychological ability to regulate cognitions and behaviors toward identified goals. Several reports showed that Type A has been associated with more problem-focused coping strategies, including the search for appropriate medical monitoring and a greater sense of self-efficacy.

The Bortner questionnaire was used to assess Type A personality in 188 patients with T1D, 430 patients with T2D and 85 patients with auto-immune thyroid disease (Graves’ disease or Hashimoto’s thyroiditis).

Results: Type A Bortner scores were significantly higher in T1D patients than in T2D patients. Patients with auto-immune thyroid diseases and T1D patients had similar Type A Bortner scores.

Conclusively, Patients with auto-immune T1D have higher Type A scores than T2D patients. Furthermore, patients with auto-immune thyroid disease also have elevated Type A scores similar to those observed in type 1 diabetes, suggesting that an elevated Type A score in T1D is potentially related to its auto-immune origin. This suggests a possible link between Type A personality and auto-immune diseases via stress-triggering psychobiological pathways. The different personality score between T1D and T2D is an important factor, which could influence self-care coping strategies in diabetes and long-term prognosis.