Phacoemulsification in phakic iris-claw lens with cataract
In this new technique of cataract surgery in patients with iris-fixated phakic intraocular lens with cataract, phakic IOL is explanted at the end of surgery.

Phakic IOL remains stable and securely enclaved to the iris during phacoemulsification which is performed through a small 2.2 mm incision. Endothelial protection is provided by viscodispersive OVD above the phakic IOL and space for surgery is created by high molecular weight viscocohesive OVD beneath the phakic IOL.

This technique provides significant advantages from the previously described techniques in terms of chamber stability, endothelial protection, iris trauma and surgical ease.

Three incisions were made: two side ports at 11'o and 2'o clock using micro vitreo-retinal blade and one main incision with 2.2-mm blade. Side ports were used to disenclave the lens at the end of surgery and perform bimanual irrigation and aspiration. After making side ports, viscodispersive ophthalmic viscosurgical device (OVD) Viscoat® was injected on top of the PIOL for endothelial protection.

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