Pharm D degree holders can use ‘Dr’ prefix
The Pharmacy Council of India (PCI) has decided that candidates awarded the Doctor of Pharmacy degree (Pharm D) from recognised universities will be authorised to use the ‘Dr’ prefix. “PCI has taken a decision of prefixing ‘Dr’ before the name of candidate who are awarded Pharm D degree.

All the universities and examining authorities approved by the PCI are requested to use this prefix while awarding degree certificates,” reads the letter issued to director of board of examination and evaluation of Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University by registrar-cum-secretary of PCI Archana Mudgal.

Pharm D course was started in India in 2008. In Maharashtra, it was launched in 2012. The first batch of the six-year course passed in 2018. The second batch is scheduled to get the degree in 2019 convocations.

In India, the pharmacy education and profession right up to the graduate level has been regulated by the PCI, which is the statutory body as per the provisions of the Pharmacy Act 1948.

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Dr prefix is ideally for a doctrate.Physicians were given honour in old times as medical was most dufficult and lengthy course ,needed lots of dedication both physical and mental. Be liberal in thinking- we shd prefer being called physicians and surgeons like people already call gynaecologist as my Gynaeo. Neither doctor or surgeon- its an era of specialisation👍
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Some1 has written here about competition... lol it seems he s thinking he has competition with pharma people. if u really think u r a doc u need not to have any insecurity bro
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Every one wants to be called Dr. , they have doctorate in handling medicines and it is their privilege and it is not their fault that many institutions are sub standard
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