Placenta accreta diagnosed 15 days following primary cesarea
Case :

A 27-year-old healthy gravida 1 para 1 parturient received appropriate prenatal care and underwent an uncomplicated primary C/S at 39 weeks gestation for failure to progress under epidural anesthesia. She presented to the Emergency Department 15 days postoperatively with complaints of continued vaginal bleeding that had increased since the day prior to the presentation. She noted passing up to 1000 mL of clotted blood. She also had complaints of weakness which began the night prior to the presentation. She denied loss of consciousness, altered mental status, and pelvic pain. The patient had no uterine surgery prior to C/S...

Read more about the operative and pathologic findings and the discussion that followed -;year=2015;volume=5;issue=2;spage=95;epage=96;aulast=Parasar
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What were the operative notes of Caesarean section. They would have mentioned about placenta accreta.
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