Plasma therapy can check hypoxia in Covid patients: Study
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The use of convalescent plasma therapy in severe Covid-19 patients has shown an immediate reduction in hypoxia as compared to patients on standard therapy, according to the trial conducted by Centre of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR) and Bengal government.

The findings also indicate an anti-inflammatory role of the therapy.

While the ICMR funded study which suggested that plasma therapy does not have an effective role in either preventing the progression of the disease or in reducing mortality, examined the efficacy of plasma therapy, the one by CSIR and Bengal goes into the immunological impact. It is the first such scientific study in India.

Researchers said that while administering of plasma led to an immediate reduction in hypoxia, the effect wore off in some patients from the third day onwards after a second dose, indicating that a sustained benefit may require additional transfusions.

“Some patients might need more plasma units in order to sustain the benefit they got immediately after the first transfusion,” said Dipyaman Ganguly, principal investigator and an associate professor at the Indian Institute of Chemical Biology.

Many severely infected Covid patients undergo cytokine storm or aggressive inflammatory response to the virus. “We have also noticed calming down of cytokine storm after the plasma therapy,” said Ganguly.

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Since there is no effective medical treatment,or preventive vaccination the only way to prevent mortality and morbidity is the use of convalescent plasma in adequate dose.Once there is organ damage it is absolutely useless.Most of the organ damages are unrepairable.
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