Plasmacytic or lymphoplasmacytic infiltrate in lymph nodes:
Plasmacytosis is a common finding in lymph node biopsies and can be seen in diverse circumstances ranging from reactive lymphadenopathy to malignant lymphoma. In this review, we present common and representative nonneoplastic entities and lymphomas that have plasmacytic differentiation or associated plasmacytosis like Reactive Lymphadenopathies with Plasmacytic Infiltrate, Small B-Cell Lymphomas with Plasmacytic Differentiation, Plasma Cell Neoplasms Involving the Lymph Node, Large B-Cell Lymphomas with Plasmacytic/Plasmablastic Differentiation, T-Cell Lymphoma with Increased Plasma Cells...;year=2016;volume=59;issue=4;spage=446;epage=456;aulast=Xie