PlexusMD launches Capsule!
We are happy to announce the launch of our newest feature - PlexusMD Capsule!

About PlexusMD Capsule

Capsule is an initiative by PlexusMD to digitise academic notes on interesting, practical and relevant topics. Capsules are authored by medical students and reviewed by senior doctors who are members of the PlexusMD Editorial Board. PlexusMD Capsules will provide readers a quick and credible understanding of the topic in a 15-20 minute read.

Starting today, we shall publish one Capsule on PlexusMD every Tuesday and Friday. 150 Topics lined up including ABG Analysis, Nanorobotics, Restless Leg Syndrome, Fabricated Wounds...

To stay notified about the latest Capsules every week, all you need to do is update your PlexusMD App to the latest version -

Happy Learning!

Check out today's Capsules in the post below
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