Poisons on our plate
Anullekha Naidu
Poisons on our plate
70% of the Indian population, thriving in rural areas are engaged in agriculture. They form the backbone of our economy.
Crop improvement and pest management were the two integral parts of agriculture as India is well known as agricultural country. The green revolution proved to be a boon which greatly helped farmers to attain immense agricultural output. But as there is enormous growth in population, there is tremendous demand in food production , further paving way for the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides to enhance the crop production. This is  enormously changing the agricultural scenario resulting in tremendous I'll effects. This is resulting in diseases like early aging, Alzheimer's disease, malignancies, and congenital defects for the new born and many more precarious diseases. The safety of our food is very essential. More than 150 million people in the world are suffering from food borne I'll effects every year . Plants naturally grow with the nutrients from the soil. But the misuse of pesticides and fertizers for over productivity is causing the destruction of nutrients. We can in fact say that we are consuming poisons on our plate. The main reason for this might be due to the lack of knowledge to the farmers regarding the medical problems caused by excessive and irrational use of chemicals. If this further continues human beings are going to undergo a process of slow poisoning. The harmful side effects even include carcinogenicity , reproductive defects, liver and kidney problems, neurotoxicity and disruption of the endocrine system. The purpose of consuming food is totally altered. We are consuming food to suffer from disastrous effects. There is a very high necessity to expound and elaborate about the new methods like organic farming. Organic farming is an ecological production management system to promote and enhance biodiversity. It is based on minimal use of off farm inputs and management practises that restore, maintain ecological balance.