#PollOfTheDay: Happy World Sleep Day!
Call hours during training and in the practice of medicine desensitize physicians to the importance of sleep. Since today is the #WorldSleepDay - an annual event which is intended to be a celebration of sleep and a call to action on important issues related to sleep. So, today lets take a small check of our sleeping hours ;)
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Dr. P●●●a B●●●t
Dr. P●●●a B●●●t Homeopathic Medicine
8 hrs
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Dr. R●●●●v R●●●●n
Dr. R●●●●v R●●●●n Dentistry
6 hrs
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K●●●●I C●●●●●A S●I D●●●T
K●●●●I C●●●●●A S●I D●●●T General Medicine
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