#PollOfTheWeek: The unknown future of AI - Is Artificial Int
Researchers in Israel have developed a malware which automatically adds realistic, malignant-seeming growths to CT or MRI scans before radiologists and doctors examine them. Or it could remove real cancerous nodules and lesions without detection, leading to misdiagnosis and possibly a failure to treat patients who need critical and timely care.

Attackers could choose to modify random scans to create chaos and mistrust in hospital equipment, or they could target specific patients, searching for scans tagged with a specific patient’s name or ID number. Want to know more? Click here: pxmd.co/x4fz7

However, we all know that AI is fast & accurate in diagnosing, it reduces human errors, is cost-effective and allows specialists to assist their patients who live in remote locations.

Do you think Artificial Intelligence is good for mankind? Or should be limited keeping in mind the unknown realm it rules?
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