#PollReport: Here's what doctors have to say on "Effectivene
Last week we took a poll to find out doctor's opinions on "How Effective Is Self-Monitoring Of Blood Pressure By Patients at Home?"

And as a response 321 doctors & medical students took the poll, out of which 59.5% of were doctors & 40.5% of were medical students.

Major specialties that participated were General Medicine (60.9%), Internal Medicine(11.2%), Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Dentistry, and others.

The majority of participants believed BP monitoring at home to be somewhat effective.

We have analyzed the results and are presented in the primer attached below.

Here’s a snippet of their opinions, in their own words…

• "Blood pressure tracking is the only way to prevent complications and to know the effectiveness of the treatment modality." ~ General Medicine

• "In addition to BP monitoring to take regular treatment for BP is also important" ~ Internal Medicine

• "[Very Effective] Provided patient and relatives educated about the correct method of measuring the BP and using the calibrated syphgomanometer instrument" ~Internal Medicine

• "For the record, it can be useful but for self-medication by the patient it dangerous" ~ General Medicine
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