#PollReport: Pharma companies being exempted from COVID Vacc
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Last week we took a poll to understand viewpoints of doctors on "Pharma companies being exempted from COVID Vaccine Liability Claims"

And as a response 219 doctors & medical students votes, out of which 64% of were doctors & 36% of were medical students.

Major specialities that participated were General Medicine, Internal Medicine, Paediatrics, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Dentistry, and others.

48% of doctors don't agree with the exemption. And in contrast, 33% of students agreed with the exemption.

We have analyzed the results and are presented in the primer attached below.

Here’s a snippet of their opinions, in their own words…

"It is a time of need when we have to do with whatever possible deeds we can do, in such a hurry there are chances of minimal errors." ~ Paediatrics

"It's actually a dilemma. It all depends on the preliminary submission of details of phase1/2 clinical trials to decide whether to give further exemption or not. In this crisis of covid, we actually require early vaccination regimen but long term untoward effects can't be ruled out. So an interim injunction as sought for can be temporarily granted but should be regularly supervised for its further continuation." ~ Dentistry

"Exemption should be allowed with conditions. The blanket exemption would be too dangerous." ~ General Medicine

"The vaccine has to prove it's efficacy and safety. They are not going to give free anyway." ~Internal Medicine
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