#PollReport on whether Drs face adverse effects on their hea
The Poll of the week by PlexusMD was directed on the on the much under discussed topic " Has your profession as a doctor adversely affected your health? "

The aftereffects of the survey is as underneath in the attached picture. We received a great deal of remarks that bolstered discussion on the topic.

We have analyzed the results and are presented in the primer attached below.

Some of the opinions on the above topics are as below:

"...There is on and off stress regarding the complications which at times happen after I perform surgeries..."

"...massive responsibility as it is a matter of life and death....so compromising on someone's life to take care of yours is a difficult choice..."

"...Irregular eating habits .. disturbed sleep..n long duty hours..."

"..Difficult to get time for exercise.."

"..Due to continuous duties without rest, I met with an accident that caused me permanent deformities... we have to take adequate rest and do exercise to be fit in order to advise others to do so.."

"..Doctors are always under stress..doctors just can't run away from the situations because being a doctor there's huge responsibility of human life in their hand..Also, doctors themselves are always under threat of getting communicable diseases through their patients..many a times doctors skip their meals due to work commitments which may prove bad for their health...."

"..In fact,because of the noble work and amazing pay,also all the health knowledge we have,It has improved constantly!.."

To check out the poll, click on: https://www.plexusmd.com/md/post?pfpid=51647
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It' s TRUE
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In Present Days, We See Many Reasons Why Treating Patients As Consumers Can Create Problems, So Naturally, As Health Care Providers Increase Stress Is Natural. Better Was Earlier Days When Doctor-Patient Relationships Were Different. dR rAJESH bUDDHADEV
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