#PollReport on whether Drs should give consultation/prescrip
The Poll of the week by PlexusMD was directed on the on the much disputable inquiry " Should doctors give prescription/consultation over telephone or online".

The aftereffects of the survey is as underneath in the attached picture. We received a great deal of remarks that bolstered discussion on tele consultation, additionally some did said No to tele consultation.

We have analyzed the results and are presented in the primer attached below.

Some of the opinions on the above topics are as below:

"...It should be done as it can prove life saving for patients who can't reach the doctor on time. And it's the responsibility of every doctor to save their patients life.patients of villages can't come to cities to consult their doctor every time so drs should consult online.."

"...Physically examining the patient has very important role in coming to a diagnosis. On call, you have just the history of the patient which may not always point to the correct diagnosis. also on call consultation comes with lot of ethical problems of consent and negligence. better would be to have a video call if its utmost necessary..."

"...There could be a differential diagnosis which can be confirmed on examination and further investigations..."
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Z●●l P●●●●●i
Z●●l P●●●●●i General Medicine
Prescription is a legal document, sound a like drugs can mislead....and yes, we can' t completely rely on history, examination should be preferred
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S●●●●●●t J●●●b
S●●●●●●t J●●●b General Medicine
Sir ,malda sadare ajke kokhon bosbe ,? Plz reply
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Dr. V●●●●●●j D●●●i
Dr. V●●●●●●j D●●●i Legal Medicine
I have written about this earlier. Note this again: telephonic advice by medical professionals has advantages and disadvantages. Give it with discernment.
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