Portable Cold Plasma Device in the test against Covid-19
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In recent weeks, the promising use of cold plasma for treating COVID-19 patients has been discussed with virologists, microbiologists, anaesthesiologists, intensive care physicians, and pulmonologists.

• There are first indications that cold atmospheric plasma can also inactivate coronaviruses in solution, according to Von Brunn research group at the Max-von-Pettenkofer Institute in Munich, .

• With these promising results, the development of the so-called ‘plasma intensive care’ started at terraplasma medical GmbH, a CE-mark approved medical device that generates cold atmospheric plasma.

• The plasma intensive care is an adaptation of the plasma care® for anti-bacterial and anti-viral treatment of the upper respiratory tract

• It is thus intended to improve the oral hygiene of patients with mechanical ventilators in general, and specifically that of COVID-19 patients.

• The plasma intensive care allows gaseous cold plasma to flow into the nasal, oral and pharyngeal cavities and temporarily floods them.

• Application of cold plasma is expected to inactivate bacteria and viruses locally to prevent them from penetrating bronchi and lungs.

• This could reduce the risk of nosocomial pneumonia and increase the chances of survival for these patients.

Source: https://www.medgadget.com/2020/06/cold-plasma-could-increase-the-chances-of-survival-for-mechanically-ventilated-covid-19-patients.html
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