Postpartum Spontaneous Rupture of an Ovarian Artery Aneurysm
1. Introduction
Spontaneous rupture of an ovarian artery aneurysm is a rare and usually life-threatening event, most often associated with pregnancy or fibroids. Pregnancy related conditions account for over 50% of ruptured arterial aneurysms in women under the age of 40 years. The hemodynamic and endocrine changes during pregnancy most probably result in arterial alterations, which may lead to new aneurysm formation and/or weakening of preexisting aneurysms. The arteries most commonly affected with aneurysm and rupture during pregnancy are the aorta, cerebral arteries, splenic artery, renal artery, coronary artery, and ovarian artery. Majority of rupture of artery aneurysm usually mimics other less life-threatening disease conditions in its clinic presentation. This can result in delay diagnosis and treatment that may have catastrophic outcomes. Hence, early diagnosis and prompt treatment of a rupture arterial aneurysm are panacea for maximum chances of survival for the mother and baby....

2. Case
A 38-year-old P4145 with preterm delivery at 34 weeks for her fifth baby was readmitted four days postpartum with complaints of weakness, dizziness, and abdominal pain. On admission, she was anemic, hypotensive, and tachycardic. She also had a palpable abdominal mass in the left flank, which was expanding. The index pregnancy was complicated by hyperthyroidism that was well controlled with Methimazole, chronic left leg varicosity that worsened during pregnancy, multiparity with a cystocele, and depression that was diagnosed during the pregnancy. The patient had an uncomplicated preterm vaginal delivery, a normal immediate postpartum course, and she was discharged home two days postpartum.....

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