Potential Factors for Preventing Cancer Diseases
Potential Factors for Preventing Cancer Diseases
According to International Agency for prevention of cancer, 50% of cancers can be prevented with current knowledge gathered, after decades of Research

Availability of lot of information about cancer, on internet, has played a great role in making public aware about cancer. But the percentage of net users in India is only about 5%. Therefore we need to make public aware about their risk factors, through print and electronic media.

It is an established fact that Tobacco, Diet, Alcohol and Body weight are together responsible for 34% of cancers. We also know that 45% of cancers in men and 40% of cancers in women can be prevented, if 14% known lifestyles and environment risk factors are taken care of.

Read more here: http://www.dhrc.in/blog/potential-factors-for-preventing-cancer-diseases/
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