Potpourri for Acute Kidney Injury
A 13-year-old boy with no past medical history presented to the oncology services with one month of intermittent fever and exertional dyspnea associated with anorexia, fatigue, and weakness. He had a weight loss of over 10% in 6 months. Vital signs included HR 96 bpm, BP 110/70 mm Hg. On physical examination, the child looked pale and volume-depleted. Blood reports showed a Hb- 6.3 g/dL, WBC-210,000/ mm3, PT- 10,000/mm3, phosphate level of 1.0 mg/dL, total serum calcium level of 12.7 mg/dl, PTH-low; S. creatinine of 3.4 mg/dl; CXR- a mediastinal mass. Peripheral smear and bone marrow examination were suggestive of B-cell type acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). Tumor lysis syndrome (TLS) is an oncological emergency due to the massive lysis of tumor cells, releasing vast amounts of potassium, phosphorus, and nucleic acids into the blood.

Source: https://www.renalfellow.org/2022/07/11/skeleton-key-group-case-27-potpourri-for-acute-kidney-injury/