Pre treatment and post treatment PET–CT to evaluate treatmen
Female genital tuberculosis (FGTB) causes infertility and the formation of Tubo-ovarian (TO) masses. The study showed a positive treatment response of PET-CT in the evaluation of anti-tubercular treatment response in patients of infertility with tuberculous TO masses.

It’s a Prospective study on 47 confirmed cases of FGTB with infertility having TO masses. All patients were subjected to 18 F-FDGPET/CT to see the glucose uptake by the TO mass and extent of the disease. Category I treatment under DOTS was given for 6 months. All underwent follow-up of PET/CT to see the response to ATT. Results of pre-ATT PET/CT were compared with post-ATT PET/CT.

TO masses was in 42; bilateral in 18 FDG uptake in 14 and without FDG uptake in 4 cases.

- Right-sided mass in 13 FDG uptake in 9 and without FDG uptake in 4 cases. Left-sided mass in 11 FDG uptake in 7 and without FDG uptake in 4 cases.

- Post-ATT, there was a significant decrease in most parameters. Repeat PET-CT done in 44 cases showed TO mass in 9; bilateral in 4, right-sided in 3, and left side in 2 FDG uptake in 1 case.

- Pelvic and mesenteric lymphadenopathy without FDG uptake was in 1 case while omental and peritoneal deposits were without FDG uptake in 1 and 2 cases, respectively.

Conclusively, PET-CT is useful in treatment response evaluation of tubercular TO masses.