Prednisolone-induced Virginal mammary hypertrophy: Case repo
Virginal mammary hypertrophy (VMH) is a rare benign disorder of the breast characterized by excessive enlargement of one or both breasts. It usually presents during adolescence. Drug-induced VMH has been scarcely reported in case reports. Review of the literature showed that prednisolone-induced gigantomastia was reported in a single study on a 47-year-old female. In this study, a case of VMH in a 17-year-old girl following prednisolone treatment will be described. Clinical presentation, clinical findings, diagnostic work-up, management and follow up are discussed.

A 17-year-old, single female presented to the plastic surgery department at our institute with progressive enlargement of both breasts, 2 months following treatment with prednisolone. Incisional biopsy excluded other breast differential diagnoses. The patient was managed surgically with bilateral mammaplasty with free nipple-areola graft. A total of 8.325 kg of breast tissue was resected. Follow-up 48 months postoperatively revealed good patient satisfaction with no recurrence of breast hypertrophy.

Source: International Journal of Surgery case reports

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