Preduodenal Portal Vein Associated with Duodenal Obstruction
Preduodenal portal vein (PDPV) is a rare anomaly first described by Knight in 1921. [1]It may be an incidental finding while operating for duodenal obstruction. It is associated with other anomalies especially heterotaxy and polysplenia syndrome. [2,3] It may cause duodenal obstruction by directly compressing the lumen of the duodenum [2] or the associated anomalies may cause duodenal obstruction. [3] Herein, we report three neonates with PDPV presented with duodenal obstruction not related to PDPV itself.

A 3 day-old male baby referred with a history of non-bilious vomiting since first day of life. The neonate was born full term by normal delivery at periphery hospital. There was no abdomen distention or signs of sepsis. Plain abdomen radiograph showed a double bubble sign, with distal gasless abdomen. Clinical diagnosis of duodenal atresia was made. At laparotomy, malrotation with midgut volvulus was found. The bowel was viable and Ladd’s procedure was performed. Further exploration revealed portal vein crossing first part of duodenum anteriorly....