Pregnancy and Placenta Increta in a non-communicating uterin
This is a rare case report of pregnancy and invasive placentation in an unruptured, non-communicating rudimentary uterine horn at 20 weeks gestation.

The patient was followed with ultrasound throughout early pregnancy and initial imaging for dating purposes demonstrated a pregnancy within a communicating right horn of the uterus.

At the 18-week anatomy ultrasound, the pregnancy was discovered to be within the non-communicating, rudimentary left horn of the uterus. This was confirmed by pelvic MRI. The patient opted for surgical management and subsequently underwent laparotomy and removal of the non-communicating uterine horn and pregnancy.

Placental tissue was found to be adherent to the level of the serosa during surgery and pathologic diagnosis was significant for a placenta increta.

The patient recovered well from surgery and subsequently went on to have a successful term pregnancy delivered via cesarean section for breech in the right horn 15 months later.

Journal of Pediatric & Adolescent Gynecology