Pregnancy outcome in pre-gestational and gestational diabeti
India is considered the world capital of diabetes, proper care, and management of the same is the demand of society. The present study is carried out to identify the disease burden of GDM/ overt DM among antenatal cases. The main objective was to study the maternal and fetal outcomes of diabetes complicating pregnancy.

All antenatal cases were screened for diabetes by OGTT 75 gm, 2-hour blood glucose level as per DIPSI guidelines and labeled as GDM/ overt DM. Those who fulfilled selection criteria were enrolled in the study.

A total of 6452 cases who attended the antenatal clinics during the study duration and were screened were selected for the study. 116 cases were found to have GDM / overt DM. Seventy-nine had GDM with OGTT>140 mg/dl and 37 had overt DM with 2 hours PP >200 mg/dl. Total 100 cases comprised of the study group were followed till delivery to study maternal and fetal outcomes.

- The prevalence of diabetes in pregnancy was found to be low at 1.79%. GDM was found to be more prevalent than overt diabetes in pregnant women.

- Among the antenatal maternal complications observed missed abortion, polyhydraminos and preterm labor were significantly more common in overt diabetics than GDM cases.

- Intrauterine fetal death (IUFD) was also significantly more common in overt diabetics than in GDM cases. Respiratory distress syndrome (RDS) was found significantly higher in neonates of overt diabetics as compared to GDM mothers.

Early detection and good glycemic control by MNT and insulin, regular antenatal check-ups, patient counseling and compliance, intrapartum fetal monitoring, and early neonatal care are keys to improved outcomes.