Pregnancy-unrelated spontaneous rupture of a right ovarian a
Spontaneous rupture of an ovarian artery aneurysm is extremely rare. It can lead to retroperitoneal hemorrhage that is often life-threatening. We report a case of pregnancy-unrelated spontaneous rupture of a right ovarian artery aneurysm in a multiparous woman. A 29-year-old woman, gravida 3, para 3, whose latest pregnancy involved uneventful gestation and delivery 2 years previously, was admitted for right flank pain. The urine test result for pregnancy was negative. Computed tomography revealed a large retroperitoneal hematoma and right ovarian artery aneurysm with contrast extravasation. After selective angiography, embolization of the right ovarian artery was successfully achieved using micro coils. Diagnostic angiography with subsequent transcatheter arterial embolization is an effective and less invasive technique for the management of ovarian artery aneurysm.