Pregnancy with Dermoid Cyst
Case Report:
Mrs. Shilpiben Vinodbhai Jain, Aged 25 years,residing at Satyamnagar, Amraivadi, Primipara patient, with Active Married Life of 8 months, presented with complaint of 9 months amenorrhea, with Last Menstrual Period on 30/11/2010, Expected Date of Delivery 06/09/2011. On General Examination, there was no pallor, jaundice. Pulse was 80/minute, BP was 120/80 mm of Hg, with Respiratory System & Cardiovascular systems normal. On Per Abdominal Examination, uterus 36 weeks, with vertex floating, with Fetal Heart Sound of 90/minute. On Per Vaginal Examination, cervix was 1 finger dilated, early effaced, vertex membrane absent,with meconium stained liquor with inadequate pelvis. Her Blood Group was B
Positive, Hemoglobin was 9 gm%. She Delivered Female child with Birth Weight of 2.25 kilogram on 13/08/2011, at 10:57 am, by Cesarean Section....