Preoperative Atrial Fibrillation and T-Wave Inversion Associ
Case Report:
A 74-year-old male presented to ambulatory surgical center for cystourethroscopy and lithotripsy. The patient had a history of hypertension, atrial fibrillation (AF), and non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus. Preoperatively, patient vital signs were (HR 77, BP 147/98, RR 18, and Temp 98.4) and the physical exam was within normal limits. EKG showed rate-controlled AF with TWI in the lateral leads (Figure 1). Induction was performed with fentanyl, propofol and etomidate. A supraglottic airway was placed and anesthesia was maintained with sevoflurane. The surgery lasted 90 minutes and intraoperative course was uneventful. Intraoperative fluid administration was 200 ml of Lactated Ringers’ solution...