Preterm Baby Survives Bilateral Lower Limb Gangrene : A Rare
A unique case of reversible bilateral lower limb gangrene in a preterm male neonate reported in Qatar. At birth the neonate had respiratory distress requiring positive pressure ventilation and had symmetrical blackish discolouration of the lower half of the body with a line of demarcation just below the umbilicus.Emergency Doppler of bilateral lower limbs was done and the result was normal. Also, his sepsis screen was negative. Head, renovascular and abdominal ultrasound studies did not show any evidence of vascular anomalies, thrombosis, or tortuosity. After proper investigations, they opted to treat with umbilical arterial catheterisation (UAC) and umbilical venous catheterisation (UVC). UAC and UVC were inserted successfully and kept in an optimal position. Close follow-up showed gradual improvement in the colour of the lower half of the body which started at the age of 6?hours till complete resolution on the third day of life. As a final diagnostic aetiology, doctors labelled this patient as a reversible bilateral lower limb gangrene due to umbilical cord compression by the cervical cerclage.

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