Prevalence of periodontitis in obese patients
Adult obesity has been associated with various systemic diseases and is an increasing problem in Bahrain. Recent evidence indicates a correlation between adult obesity and periodontitis.

This cross-sectional study was conducted on overweight subjects in Bahrain. The demographic and anthropometric data, including BMI and waist circumference (WC) using World Health Organization (WHO) thresholds for the severity of obesity, were recorded. Periodontal status was measured using the Community Periodontal Index (CPI) and the extent and severity of periodontal disease were categorized according to the number of sextants with CPI codes 3 and 4.

A total of 372 participants with a mean age of 44 years for males and 42.5 years for females were included. Periodontitis was present in 361 participants.

- Hypertension and diabetes were the most prevalent co-morbidities at 23.4% and 16% respectively.

- Mean WC was significantly greater in males at 114 cm compared to females at 109.5 cm.

- BMI was not associated with severity or extent of periodontitis but WC was weakly correlated in males but not in females.

- In the logistic regression model using overall WC to predict the severity of periodontitis, the adjusted OR was 1.02 and for age, it was 1.05.

The prevalence of periodontitis was high in this sample of overweight Bahrainis. BMI was not correlated with periodontitis but WC had a weak positive correlation.

BMC Oral Health