Prevention of Ureter Fistula and other Side Effects of Radic
To prevent hazardous effects of radical hysterectomy of uterine cervical cancer.

Methods and results: The operation technique was modified Wertheim’s radical hysterectomy, improved in Japan and by the author. The side effects of the operation were;

1) Continuous vaginal urinary incontinence caused by ureter fistula, which was produced by pelvic infection of wound secretion after surgery, and it was prevented by the aseptic aspiration drainage of pelvic secretion, where the secretion was aseptically removed and ureter wall damage, urinary fistula and incontinence were prevented.

2) Pelvic lymph cyst was prevented by the ligation of open inguinal lymph duct, which was left open after the resection of pelvic lymph-nodes....