Primary omental torsion diagnosed and treated laparoscopical
Omental torsion, a rare cause of acute abdomen in children and adults, is difficult to correctly diagnose before surgery because it mimics the common causes of the acute surgical abdomen.

Doctors present a case of greater omental torsion that was diagnosed by laparoscopy. A 37-year-old man presented with right lower abdominal pain and was suspected to have appendicitis.

Blood tests revealed elevated C-reactive protein and white blood cell count, whereas computed tomography revealed a nodular mass and high-density lesions in the fat tissue. As the patient’s abdominal symptoms were severe and a clear diagnosis could not be made, they performed exploratory laparoscopy.

Laparoscopy revealed omental torsion, and an omentectomy was performed. The patient’s pain had significantly reduced post-surgery, and post-operative recovery was uneventful.

Thus, the laparoscopic examination is useful for accurately diagnosing omental torsion and is less invasive than surgery.

Journal of Surgical Case Reports