Private Hospitals to reopen within 48 hours or lose licence:
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Ahmedabad civic body will issue notices to private hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes, asking them to open facilities within 48 hours or lose the license, said the order by Rajiv Kumar Gupta, ACS (forest & environment) appointed in-charge of Covid-19 control in Ahmedabad

The Amdavad Municipal Corporation (AMC) also decided to designate nine private hospitals with an aggregate capacity of 1,000 beds as COVID-19 hospitals under the Epidemic Diseases Act, an official said.

"Private clinics/nursing homes/hospitals to be issued notices to open their clinics within 48 hours and be notified that they will lose their licenses otherwise," said Additional Chief Secretary Rajiv Kumar Gupta, who has been appointed to monitor works related to coronavirus in the city.

Note: Official order attached as pdf

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