Private Sector Nurses should be paid equal to their Governme
A committee led by Dr. (Prof.) Jagdish Prasad, DGHS, under the MOHFW has found the pay by private nursing homes and hospitals to the nursing staff to be significantly lower compared to the government setups. A petition led by the Indian Nursing Council to the Supreme Court to bring parity to the payscale. The following recommendations have been made -

- Base wage to be minimum of Rs 20,000 a month

- In 50 - 100 bed hospitals, salaries to not be less than 25% paid to government nurses of the same grade

- In 100 - 200 bed hospitals, salaries to not be less than 10% in comparison to state hospital nursing staff.

- In more than 200 bed hospitals, salaries to be at par with state government nurses, depending on their grades and experience

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Dr. N●●●v P●●●●a
Dr. N●●●v P●●●●a Microbiology
Work in private hospital is far more than government hospital for nurses. They should be paid equal if not more than government nurses.
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V●●●●m G●●g
V●●●●m G●●g Neurosurgery
Government treatment cost ko increase kar rahi h private sector m aur kuch nahi hona isse
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A●●●●t V●●●●●●a
A●●●●t V●●●●●●a General Medicine
Finally the patients will pay for it
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