Private hospital, doctors ordered to pay Rs 15 lakh for negl
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I believe that practicing an RMP job is better than a radiologist job. There is lot of stress and little payment for radiologists compared to an RMP who refers the patient. Let us discuss about a fictious case.......similar to the present scenario....... If I were an RMP who refers the case to radiologist, I would have received my referral fee (bribe) and would however blame the radiologist and ask for maximum possible compensation for the patient. And the radiologist who had done the scan long back and having no memory of the case.....literally confused with the findings he had given and the circumstances that led to the findings.....and had received a remuneration of 150 to 300 rupees would be regretting for working in that particular hospital at that particular time..... Just pity the radiologist. ....The endangered species of medical fraternity. ....... Read more
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