Progressive vision loss with Parkinson's Symptoms - What's y
17 years old male patient applied to an outpatient opthalmology clinic with bilateral progressive painless blurred vision starting one month ago. There was bilateral optic disc pallor in fundoscopy and his visual accurate was diminished to counting fingers from one meter. The patient was diagnosed as optic neuropathy and referred to our clinic by opthalmologist for neurological assessment. His personal background was unremarkable. His uncle had a history of bilateral vision loss at childhood. His general medical examination was normal. There was apathy, bilateral subacute progressive visual loss and rigidity at his right arm in his neurological examination. There was bilateral optic atropy, the pupils were reactive to light and there was an afferent pupillary defect. The orbital MRI results were normal. ?n the cranial MRI there were bilateral symmetrical hyperintens lesions in T2 and FLAIR and hypointens lesions without contrast enchancement in T1 sequances at mesencephalon....