Prolonged Orthostatic Hypotension Tied To Mortality Risk In
A observational prospective cohort study with geriatric outpatients from the Amsterdam Ageing cohort, we differentiated orthostatic hypotension in early orthostatic hypotension (EOH) and delayed/prolonged orthostatic hypotension (DPOH). They included 1240 patients (mean age 79.4 ± 6.9 years, 52.6% women). Prevalence of orthostatic hypotension was 443 (34.9%); 148 (11.9%) patients had EOH and 285 (23%) DPOH. DPOH was associated with a higher mortality risk [hazard ratio, 95% CI 1.69 (1.28–2.22)] whereas EOH was not associated with mortality risk. This association did not differ in patients with geriatric deficits. Furthermore, the magnitude of drop in both SBP and DBP was associated with a higher mortality risk. The presence of DPOH and the magnitude of both systolic and diastolic orthostatic hypotension are related to an increased mortality risk in geriatric outpatients.