Proposal to the MOHFW to include "Charter of Patients' Respo
On 30th August, 2018, the MOHFW and NHRC released a draft document titled "Charter of Patients' rights" and has invited suggestions from the public. The charter is an attempt to bring together recommendations and best practices from across the world to provide a single-source reference for Patients, Doctors, Hospitals, Government bodies and Legislative bodies for enacting appropriate rules and regulations.

We believe that the document is well-intentioned, a welcome initiative and will go a long way in improving the doctor-patient relationship, setting right expectations and ultimately improving the quality of care.

However, while the draft elaborates the patient's rights at length, we believe it falls short of outlining the patients' duties and responsibilities adequately. For instance, 20+ pages are dedicated to outline 17 patient rights whereas a mere paragraph talks about 5 patient duties. We believe that the Patient duties section of the Charter must be strengthened to safeguard the rapidly deteriorating doctor-patient relationship and improve the quality of care in the country.

What can we do?
We have compiled a draft "Charter of Patients' responsibilities" with inputs from similar charters across the world and senior doctors. We will submit this for inclusion in the Government's official "Charter of Patients' Rights".

If you believe that the Patient responsibilities must be duly included in the official Charter of Patients' rights, please show your support below. If you would like to add any new points to the Charter or any other feedback, you may also do so and we shall include the same in our submission.

We will be collecting responses till midnight of 22nd September and submit the report to the Government by 27th September. A copy of the report will be publicly shared on PlexusMD.

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Very good initiative. Can we add another point like: " In no situation patients or their relatives should take law in their hands"?
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