Provide computer-generated prescriptions: Uttarakhand HC ord
Handwritten prescriptions may soon lose their validity in Uttarakhand as the High Court on Friday has passed an order directing all the medical institutions to furnish computer-generated prescriptions and medical reports to make it much more understandable to those patients and attendants.

The division bench of acting chief justice Rajiv Sharma and justice Manoj Kumar Tiwari stated in the order, “We direct all doctors throughout Uttarakhand in government sector, public sector and private clinics to give computer generated prescriptions/medical reports in order to enable the ordinary patients and their attendants to understand the same.”

The court also directed the state government to provide “necessary infrastructure” to government medical officers such as computers and printers within a reasonable period.

The order came while hearing a petition of a hospital in Dehradun which sought review of the court order dated August 14, 2018 in which the court had directed that all the doctors throughout the state including government doctors and doctors serving in clinical establishments are to prescribe only generic medicines which are readily available and no patient should be forced to buy branded medicines.

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