Pt. Name-xxxx...Age 25yrs Came with c/o -itching,pricking ty
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Pt. Name-xxxx...Age 25yrs Came with c/o -itching,pricking type pain,intermittent discharge(like pus),at buttocks region..
Hop——- it’s in past history-he said that -whene he childwood -it small lesion like structure..than gradually increasing size wound while itching also... it spreads left region buttocks’s size may be..(length/width-30/20 approx).but Pt apparently normal..he’s left leg knee back side also colour Changes-block ...
Past history——. not know case of dm,tb,ba,epilepsy,htn
Personal history—-occasionally drinker, no smoking,
Family——not specific
Drugs history——he’s taking Ayurvedic,halopathy past history..
examination—-Vitals stable
Provisional diagnosis—-???????????????????
Investigation—-biopsy,culture skin...
Finall diagnosis—-?????????????
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N●●●●n R●●●i
N●●●●n R●●●i General Medicine
Malignant melanoma metastasis....????
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H●●●●m T●●●●●a General Medicine
Malignant melanoma
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M●●●t S●●i General Medicine
Necrotising soft tissue infection
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