Pulmonary mycobacterial infection is associated with increas
Although pulmonary mycobacterial infection is associated with acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) in critically ill patients, its clinical implication on patients with ARDS has not been clearly elucidated. The aim of study was to investigate the clinical significance of pulmonary mycobacterial infection in patients with ARDS.

Between January 2014 and April 2019, medical records of 229 patients with ARDS who met the Berlin criteria and received invasive mechanical ventilation in medical intensive care unit were reviewed. Clinical characteristics and the rate of mortality between patients with and without pulmonary mycobacterial infection were compared. Factors associated with a 28-day mortality were analyzed statistically.

Twenty two (9.6%) patients were infected with pulmonary mycobacteria (18 with tuberculosis and 4 with non-tuberculous mycobacteria). There were no differences in baseline characteristics, the severity of illness scores. Other than a higher rate of renal replacement therapy required in those without pulmonary mycobacterial infection, the use of adjunctive therapy did not differ between the groups. The 28- day mortality rate was significantly higher in patients with pulmonary mycobacterial infection (81.8% vs 58%). Pulmonary mycobacterial infection was significantly associated with 28-day mortality.

Pulmonary mycobacterial infection was associated with increased 28-day mortality in patients with ARDS.

Source: https://journals.lww.com/md-journal/Fulltext/2021/08200/Pulmonary_mycobacterial_infection_is_associated.37.aspx