Pulse oximetry in primary care.
Jayant Ramawat
Pulse oximetry in primary care.
Clinical Questions

In patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, is pulse oximetry effective in assessing the need for long-term oxygen therapy, compared to arterial blood gas?

In patients with asthma, is oxygen saturation monitoring by pulse oximetry an objective measure of acute asthma severity compared to peak expiratory flow rate?

In patients with community-acquired pneumonia does pulse oximetry accurately stratify patients requiring hospital admission compared to signs and symptoms alone?

Advantage over Existing Technology-

Pulse oximeters give non-invasive estimation of the arterial haemoglobin oxygen saturation. The gold standard for measurement of oxygen saturation remains arterial blood gas (ABG) analysis. However, this is invasive, painful, time consuming, costly, provides only intermittent information on patient status, and is impractical in most 

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