Quadruple amputee to run Open 10K!
Quadruple amputee to run Open 10K!
Amid thousands of runners who will hit Bengaluru roads for the TCS World 10K this Sunday, quadruple amputee Shalini Saraswathi and her indomitable fighting spirit will be the toast of the event. Shalini, 37, has no limbs, the result of a painful battle she lost against a rare bacterial infection. The condition left her with multiple-organ failure. She fought bravely and cheated death, but lost her unborn child. By competing in the Open 10K category , Shalini wants to inspire the differently abled to live in the present. "It's tough training under coach BP Aiyappa, who treats me like any normal person," Shalini told TOI between sips of tea offered by her husband Prashanth Chowdappa. "In the beginning, I wanted to get away from it all; but now I'm enjoying it."
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