Radicular cyst associated with primary molar: space Mx and s
The present case has been reported in the Indian Journal of Dental Research.

A 5-year-old male patient reported with a swelling on the lower right side of the face. Swelling was present since 1 month. On extraoral examination, a diffuse, nontender, and bony hard swelling was noticed on the lower right side of the face. Intraoral examination revealed grossly destructed deciduous mandibular molar. The parent did not give any history of previous dental treatment.

The panoramic radiograph showed a unilocular radiolucent lesion with smooth, well-defined borders measuring about 1.5 cm × 2 cm in relation to distal root of 85. There was considerable displacement of tooth buds of second premolar and permanent first molar [Figure 1]. Based on the clinical and radiographic findings, provisional diagnosis of radicular cyst was made with differential diagnosis of lateral dentigerous cyst arising from 45.

Extraction of 85 and cyst enucleation under general anesthesia was planned. As permanent first molar showed excessive mesial inclination, we decided to place distal shoe space maintainer to prevent it from further tipping mesially. An incision was made from left canine to the left second primary molar along the gingival margin and the site was exposed.

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