#RainbowOfHealth: India’s 'Mission Indradhanush' among top 1
India’s flagship immunisation campaign -‘Mission Indradhanush’ - has been selected as one of the 12 best practices globally and is set to be featured in a special issue of the British Medical Journal. The campaign, aimed at ramping up nationwide coverage of immunisation, will be showcased at a major international conference in Delhi this week.

The special issue of the journal is being brought out on the occasion of the fourth Partners Forum conference, to be held by the government here on December 12-13. The event, at which Prime Minister Narendra Modi will deliver the keynote address, is to be attended by over 1200 delegates of 85 countries discussing progress made in maternal and child health.

Partners’ Forum 2018 is fourth in a series of global high-level multi-country, multi-stakeholder events for sustaining global momentum on issues related to maternal and child health.

About the Mission:

The Intensified Mission Indradhanush, launched by PM Modi in 2017, aims to reach each and every child under two years of age and all pregnant women who have been left uncovered under the routine immunisation programme. The special drive focuses on improving immunisation coverage in select districts and cities with particularly low immunisation rates to ensure at least 90% immunisation by end of this year.

Initially, the government had targeted to achieve 90% immunisation coverage by 2020. However, with the launch of IMI, it has been advanced.

Read more: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/indias-vaccine-mission-among-top-12-global-best-practices/articleshow/66995772.cms
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