Rajasthan: Registration of All eye ultrasound equipment comp
B - scan machines used for eye examination can also be used for prenatal sex determination. It sounds strange to hear but after the fact came to light the medical department has started to monitor the use of machine. To keep this in check, the health department has placed the machine under the PC-PNDT act and made its registration compulsory.

According to an article in Rajasthan Patrika, the Banswara CMHO has issued orders that if a government or private hospital uses the machine without the registration, it will be considered illegal.

The technical analysts say that after making slight changes to the said machine, prenatal sex determination is possible. In order to avoid this, the registration of the machine has been made mandatory just as in the case of compulsory registration for ultrasound machines according to the Rajasthan Patrika's article.

Banswara's PCPNDT Cell Officer Harikant Sharma said that under the instructions, these machines will have GPS and Active Tracker so that it can be monitored by the department.

Earlier PlexusMD reported that Ophthalmologists will have to get their ultrasound equipment like A Scan, B Scan and ultrasound bio-microscope registered under the PCPNDT Act. Read more: https://pxmd.co/KmorT

Source: https://www.patrika.com/banswara-news/gender-test-from-eye-check-machine-3322201/
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