Rajasthan doctors cure coronavirus patient with HIV drugs
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Sawai Man Singh (SMS) Hospital doctors here have successfully treated an Italian coronavirus (Covid-19) patient using a combination of HIV, swine flu and malaria drugs. The patient, who has now tested negative for Covid-19, had come to India along with her husband as part of a 23-member Italian group that had travelled major tourist destinations in Rajasthan. Her husband was the first in the group to be diagnosed with the disease. National Institute of Virology (NIV), Pune, had confirmed him as a Covid-19 case on March 3. The next day, his wife also tested positive for Covid-19.

SMS doctors first treated her with a combination of two drugs useful in HIV treatment. “We gave her a combination of Lopinavir 200mg/Ritonavir 50mg twice a day,” said Rohit Kumar Singh, additional chief secretary (health department). Singh said ICMR was satisfied with the protocol of having a combination of two HIV drugs, which the SMS Hospital relied on. Besides, the doctors also gave her Oseltamivir, useful in swine flu treatment, and Chloroquine, useful in the treatment of malaria. SMS medical college principal and controller Dr Sudhir Bhandari said, “We provided her treatment following standard protocol and now she has tested negative for the disease, which is a major achievement for SMS Hospital doctors.”

Her 69-year-old husband is still undergoing treatment for Covid-19 at the hospital. A day ago, his Covid-19 test was done, but he still tested positive. Doctors are providing him treatment on non-invasive ventilator support. “Since his wife has now tested negative for the disease, we offered to shift her from the isolation ward. She, however, has decided to stay with her husband in the same ward,” said Dr DS Meena, medical superintendent, SMS Hospital. Her husband is taking time in recovery as he is already having a lung disease, doctors said. However, his condition is stable, they added.

Source: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/jaipur/city-docs-cure-corona-patient-with-hiv-drugs/articleshow/74584859.cms
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K●●●r B●●●●l
K●●●r B●●●●l General Medicine
If this regime is effective and good then why isn' t other countries using it? Why is not WHO recommending this regime for the treatment?
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Because it' s just tried on 1 patient
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