Rajasthan to launch contraceptive injections for women in 14
The Rajasthan government will launch free contraceptive injections for women in 14 districts from April 2017 under a central government programme called Mission Parivar Vikas, which aims to cover 145 districts in the country with high fertility rate.

The injection named Antara will be an alternative to the current birth control methods such as intra-utrerine contraceptive device (IUCD), oral contraceptive pills and condoms.

“Antara has Deoxy Medroxy Progestrone Acetate (DMPA), a drug that prevents pregnancy for three months,” said Naveen Jain, mission director, National Health Mission. “A woman can take four doses of the injection in a year without any other contraceptive,” he said.

“Antara can be injected in the arms or buttock muscles and prevents release of egg from the ovary,” Jain added.

Rajasthan’s reproductive and child health director Dr VK Mathur said Antara will be given free of cost in all government hospitals including district hospitals and health sub centres....