Rapid Progression of Basal-Type Breast Cancer
A 33-year-old woman with a known BRCA1 mutation (2080delA) was referred for 3.0-tesla magnetic resonance imaging (3T MRI). The patient's mother had had breast cancer at the ages of 31 and 38 years; her sister had had breast cancer at the age of 30. Routine physical examination revealed no breast masses, and screening mammography showed extreme breast density but was otherwise normal. At follow-up approximately 4 months later, 3T MRI showed a progressively enhancing lesion, 1.6 by 1.0 cm (Panel A, arrow). Mammographic imaging showed new calcifications at the 10 o'clock position. A stereotactic biopsy was performed; 4 of 10 cores showed calcifications, and all cores showed ductal hyperplasia with no evidence of cancer....