Recommendation Of 3rd Booster Dose Of Covid Vaccine Based Mo
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More data is needed to establish if a third anti-Covid-19 booster dose will be more effective in fighting the surge of infections in the country as at present the recommendation is based more on conjecture, health experts said. An expert panel of the Drugs Controller General of India (DCGI) had permitted Bharat Biotech to give the third dose of its Covid-19 vaccine Covaxin to a few volunteers in its clinical trials.

Bharat Biotech has proposed a booster dose after six months of the second dose. Talking about the applicability and effectiveness of a third dose, especially in view of the raging second Covid-19 wave, experts said the third booster dose needs more studies to determine if it will help in fighting infections more effectively.

Samiran Panda, Director of the ICMR National AIDS Research Institute, said if the companies are deciding on giving a third booster dose after two doses then it should be based upon data on immunological memory.

"I wonder why the companies are suggesting this and what is the data because Covid-19 we came to know in December 2019 and the vaccines were made in April and August. So we don't have enough data and I think the proposal for the third dose is based on a conjecture rather than the time that needs to lapse after which we will have data on how many shots are needed. So the time has not come as yet," Panda told.

"These boosters are supposed to boost up the immunity to tackle the dwindling concentration of antibodies. It has been found that after 6-9 months the concentration of the antibody comes down but that was mostly in natural infections," Panda said. "For vaccination, how long does it take to come down is not known because the vaccination drive recently started it has not been even five months," he said.

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