Reconstructive Surgery of the Upper Eyelid Using the Residua
Purpose: To report a successful eyelid reconstruction performed using the residual tarsus after excision of a sebaceous gland carcinoma.

Case Report: An 86-year-old woman presented with a sebaceous gland carcinoma of the upper eyelid margin. After excision of the tumor, she underwent reconstructive surgery of the superior eyelid performed using the residual tarsus. Because the tumor was localized on the upper lid margin, a tarsus of about 4–5 mm in height remained after the excision; we therefore used the residual tarsus to reconstruct the upper eyelid. No functional or cosmetic problems arose as a result of this method.

Conclusions: Reconstructive surgery of the upper eyelid using the residual tarsus may be a viable option provided that surgeons can ensure a sufficient safety margin, and that more than 4 mm of the tarsus remains.